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Yola lovenesters. I was just wondering who's planning on Escaping on Saturday? I'm gonna show up at like 11. My mom wants to leave at midnight, but I'm cooking up a scheme for me to stay longer.

Oh yeah, and I will not no never be offended if you actually don't want to come. You don't have to make stupid excuses like, I don't know, you have a dentist appointment or something.
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everybody got member'd within half a day, good stuff. katy and alix if you friend the community it'll show up on your friends page so you don't hafta come here all the time.

i have a car tomorrow but it's not the zippy sports car. it's a (much more comfortable) hulking SUV. the choice of getting my sidetracked from my work and going somewhere is yours. i got basketball at 3:15.

go to the info page for our community and take a look at the interests list. whenever you want me to add or take away something let me know. plus, you can use it to get ideas for shirts and stuff.

we need lovenest music. which means we need a lovenest boombox.
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So guess what, all? I am designing a lovenest logo!!

Actually, that's not true. I sort of came up with one on a whim in English today while note-passing with Alixandra over heaahh... You will dig it, I promise. We could turn it into a shirt with some very easy/cheap iron-on paper that I have used many a time before!!

I'm going to go do a nice version of it. Incense from Nick, SWEET ASS TECHNO from Katy (who is ditching us for Japanland.) and... It'll be a good lovenest time, but solo. GOOD!

What will you do without me?

Sooooo...Japan is looking likelier and likelier. I'll probably leave in late February or early March. But despair not! for I will post all the fucking time here. And I think I'll get a website so you can keep track of me. Maybe.

Or perhaps I'll just use my livejournal.

Who can tell these days?

Anyway, I've gotta go home now. PEACE OUT, BAYBEHS. Prepare for my departure now! It's gonna take time to come to terms with...

I am so lame.
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gosh im excited

you guys are the family i never had *sniff*

unfortunately, like brandon here (what should i call you? brandon? blei? b? leitarded? snuggly?) i have an ASSLOAD of work to catch up on. ta ta for now.

I &hearts GAY SEX
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