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If anyone needs a ride from Uwajimaya to brandon's house tomorrow, call my cell. 503 807 8511 is my number, and I don't really care about the 6 month rule...so yeah. I can seat 6 other people.

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So kids... I have a question. How are we supposed to get FROM Uwajimaya TO Brandon's if no one can drive????

Or are we going to be stranded there? Because that'd be cool too.


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Goddammit all to fucking hell.

I think I just ruined my whole story to get out Friday night. See, I forgot to tell Emily my plan about "staying" over at her house after Brandon's shindig, so her mom called my mom and spilled the beans. Double fuck. And then I thought my mom was in a good mood, so I just asked if I could go to the Escape anyway, and she gave me a big fat NO because she's been on call all night and so she's pissed. Grr.

Now I'm trying to figure out a NEW story that's not gonna seem suspicious after she said no to the Escape. Any good ideas? I was thinking maybe I could say I was staying at Alix's house, but I'm going to have to find the right time to ask so it doesn't seem suspicious...should I call her from Uwajimaya tomorrow? Then, if she says no, I'm going to have to go home like ASAP or maybe early from Brandon's house in order to make sure I get home before dark (I hate bussing in the dark!)

Dammit. I'm so mad that my original plan fell through. I had it perfect, too. She was totally eating it up. Too bad I forgot to tell Emily...shit, I'm a fucking retard.

Anyway, if I'm not careful, I might not be able to make it out at all on Friday...sorry guys. I'm doing my best and stepping carefully now, but I think I might have ruined the whole balance...

EDIT: Ok, I think I may have restored balance. I just introduced the idea of staying at Alix's house (sorry Alix, if you are not ok with this...I'll call you tomorrow and we will talk), and she seemed receptive and unsuspicious, so we'll see how it goes. GUH being sneaky is SO HARD.
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Lovenest! I'm bored! and so, I'm cooking stuff. Mayhaps I should make something that we all can eat on friday. I was thinking thai food. then I found a Lebanese cookbook that I've never used. Of course, I may get distracted and make absolutely nothing, but, in case I do, you all have anything you wants me to make?